Anime-related Projects

Here are the anime-related projects I'm currently working on.

Random Anime Generator

A very simple app that generates a completely random anime.

Crunchyroll Notifier

Latest Crunchyroll simulcasts in a click of a button. (Chrome Extension)

Anime Search

Search animes for links to certain websites (such as Crunchyroll, Kissanime, etc.).

Non-anime-related Projects

Here are the non-anime-related projects I'm currently working on.


eKalay is a web application for Kalayaan Residence Hall, University of the Philippines - Diliman that offers services such as submitting permits, editing user database, and online in-out services.


A website for an organization called Assortedge. Assortedge is a media organization that specializes in contextual reporting and explanatory journalism. is a web-based mobile application and online companion tool for legislative simulations, model united nations, and other parliamentary programs of the National Society of Parliamentarians.

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